29/04: American Hao Paper Box

In a commercial world, the packaging becomes a critical factor in marketing a product.

I believe we got some very good products (American Hao), but I hesitated to spend pennies on the makeup for it, the packaging.

To think it as a long term strategy, and hundreds of the products shall be produced in the future, it's high time to invest some money on the packing.

The first that came to my mind was just a wrapper paper to have 'American Hao' printed on it in English.

No, it's not going to be that good when I drafted the image in my head, I hated that we got another 'Me Too'. I needed something better, a step up.

The fancy gift box? I had seriously considered it but disliked the idea to cost a large sum merely for a throw away. The emphasis is on tea, not the packaging!

I finally focused on a printed paper box, like the one for Douji products. It is relatively inexpensive to make, and it's standing out from the crowds.

So here you have it, American Hao paper box.


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