28/04: 2010 Spring Tea Trip, the final chapter

I had attempted to make a few more American Hao teas this Spring, but failed.

During last few days I was in Kunming, I was running around to check out my leads for great tea leaves, as they promised to deliver. Either my suppliers returned from Xishuangbanna empty handed, or they simply did not have enough good stuff for me.

Blame it on the drought! I tasted less than a few good average teas with a huge price tag. Nope, not this year. Sadly I gave up and took off.

If only possible, I should stay on for a few more weeks ... The history in the making? definitely not happening this year.

I am happy with the only American Hao tea (American Hao 1001) I made this year. I just wished I had collected more raw early Spring material and make a lots more of it.

Basically it's getting hard for me to purchase teas. The first of all, I DON'T want expensive stuff no matter how good people say it is - so subjective and made up. Secondly my taste buds are my judge, if I don't think it's good, there is no way I would buy it.

I am still favorating small productions/factory over big factory offerings. I have asked about Dayi, the big mighty Menghai Tea Factory, but I bought nothing in the end, simply I saw their tea fields and knowing that their raw materials were plantation tea. Their success is at their blending technology, huge raw material pool from old years, and their marketing.

I could do better. ------ No, I'm kidding!

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