08/04: 2010 Spring Tea Trip, Part VI

We have returned from our Xishuangbanna trip, almost empty handed.

We toured a few tea mountains, including Nannuo, Xiding, Zhanglang, and tasted the samples from Youle, Jingmai, Bingdao, Banzhang, Yiwu and many others.

In the end, we bought almost nothing, but one 2010 tea from Youle mountain, and a few 2008, 2009 teas. The reason, you might ask, is that we use the quality/price ratio as the index, and depend on our taste buds to guide our purchase. In our opinion, the quality/price ratio is simply too low for most 2010 production so far.

We are not happy with most maocha harvested in 2010 Spring that is good for making $ 15 - $ 20 tea cake, while a decent maocha would push the price tag for the cake into $ 30 -$ 40 range.

But we did find a few very good 2008, 2009 teas with a pretty good quality/price ratio. When it comes to buy new products, our goal is to get the best bang for the buck.

So we have only one American Hao made this 2010 Spring, American Hao 1001, aka, Youle Mountain Early Spring tea cake. I am waiting to see if we could still make one or two more American Hao, pending the raw materials arriving after April 12th. that I have made the arrangement.

Once again, the quality/price ratio would be considered before a decision is made.

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