26/03: 2010 Spring Tea Trip, Part III

I have been waiting in Kunming anxiously for more than 2 weeks now, but I have not seen a single drop of rain. It is depressing.

Believe it or not, there is a theory saying that this drought condition in Yunnan would last for the next 3 years, meaning we won't see much tea production for the next 3 years!

A scary thought.

It is said the correct thing to do is to stock up whatever that is available, since there are a number of 2008-2009 teas that were still offered at a reasonable price. Soon enough these teas would be gone, and the overall price of all teas would go up dramastically.

I have witnessed that Dayi teas became less in availability and its prices turned sharp upwards.

Meanwhile, the magic date April 5th. "Qing Ming" is fast approaching. It is said that tea harvested before April 5th. is the best, called "Ming Qian" tea, or early Spring tea. After April 5th., the quality of tea is going downhill.

For old/big tree teas, we already knew that there were few 'Ming Qian"/Early Spring teas available, even there was, it was offered at a very high price/limited quantity.

My plan is still to tour the tea mountains in the next week to catch the best I could get, my fingers crossed.

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