20/03: 2010 Spring Tea Trip, Part II

So far, it's a major disappointment, 2010 Spring Pu-erh tea is nowhere to be found.

I had called my contacts in Xishuanbanna a number of times if 2010 Spring harvest was ready to go. Yet everytime, I was told there was nothing to buy down there. Even there was a small amount of teas available, a big price tag was surely coming with it.

The same thing went at Kunming Tea Wholesale Market, you could find little new 2010 tea, except a handful of green teas that were doubled in price! At one time, I was offered some Banzhang leaves to taste from a tea vendor who just returned from his Banna trip, I found it ordinary, unlike Banzhang I used to know. When I was told the price of it, I said a big 'NO'.

So I have been in Kunming for a week, and my plan to go Banna was postponed many times.

It's not so good for the old teas made prior to 2010 either. As always, the decent ones were gone - for a few remaining ones, they were offered at a much higher price.

If the drought condition continues in Yunnan - the worst in 100 years, it is very much possible I could return USA empty handed.

It's a sure bet that the price for tea would take a sharp increase this year.

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