14/03: 2010 Spring Tea Trip, Part I

The plane landed at Kunming International Airport. It took a total of more than 27 hours since the departure from Indy.

The first trouble was the jetlag, you felt so tired yet you could not go sleep.

I called the persons who were at the front of the Pu-erh tea production as soon as I bought a new phone chip, a practice I used to everytime I came to China.

'"How is it? When should I come down to Xishuangbanna", I asked.

Mr. Wang was now at Yiwu and waited his harvest with pain since he could only see some small buds growing at his tea fields. "Nothing yet. But there is a rainfail yesterday at Yiwu and we are hoping... By the end of March, perhaps".

Mr. Liu walked around his empty factory floor, sounded even worse. "There is nothing available". "Really?" I was disappointed.

Mr. Liu cleared his throat and said: "I can tell you I have not seen a worse harvest, the tea leaves are so tiny and ugly, you cannot make anything out with this crap!"

"Nannuo may have some good raw materials but it's damn expensive."

I decided to wait for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile it should be a great idea to find a few good ripen teas, in Kunming tea wholesale market during this period, which is not affected by this year's harvest.

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