27/02: 2010 Tea Trip Planned

I talked to a friend in Youle mountain today, he said 2010 Spring plantation tea was available now.

But, the first batch of the plantation tea went on sale at a 100% price increase because of the weather.

First of all, it was cold, last Winter was seen extra cold for almost everyone north or east, south or west, and secondly, Yunnan, including Xishuanbanna got little rainfall it was officially declared as a drought area. Supply and demand, you know the law.

I have suspected this for a while, because all available teas are much more expensive to buy now, and a lots of teas on my buy list were sold out!

So I applied a Chinese visa and booked myself a ticket, ready for the first 2010 great tea hunt!

What I have prepared is that a few good teas are waiting for me to grasp at a higher price. And our American Hao lives.

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