13/12: My Taobao business

Chinese Taobao is a platform much like its US counterpart eBay, there are millions items offered for bargain hunters.

But there is a big difference. When you become a Taobao seller, you pay nothing to conduct your business. There is no charge to list your items, there is no transaction fee. Basically you pay nothing to sell anything you want.

This is the reason why people cannot believe the prices they found on Taobao.

For an ordinary Chinese Joe, his overhead is so low, so that he can afford to just add a dollar or two as his profit and still makes enough to pay all bills.

However, there is so many knock-ups and fakes in virtually any category, you could easily kiss your money and say good bye.

I opened my Taobao shop since Dec. 2008 to sell US military type uniforms (made in China,FYI), and it became such a booming business, the revenue had grown so fast that I could not keep it up with. I have earned 3 diamonds as a top seller. People bought some items I myself cannot even afford to wear.

However it took so much of my time to the extend I wanted to scale back!

I cannot handle it. But when I take a look at my US based business, it's a sharp contrast. Our jobs, our spending power, our dollar, Ouch, it's depressing.

On the other hand, I believe I could make a living in China by selling Pu-erh tea on Taobao if so I desired.

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