07/11: 2009 Fall Tea Trip, Part VII

Both Mr. Wang and Mr. Du have been my buddies since early 70s last century.

They made into millionaires by the end of last century, nevertheless they became restless to make even more money.

Now they shared one thing in common: they had been involved in the tea business and they had bought acres and acres of tea fields in Yiwu regions when the tea business was blooming in 2007.

Their fortune had been shrinked day by day, yet thousands still had to be spent to maintain the tea fields without any yield. Regrets, you bet. Well, at least they put up a brave face and an optimistic attitude towards this. The tide would turn one day and we did nothing wrong, they believed. Like late Henry Ford said "You bulit it, they will come".

Indeed, the tea fields they took control were among the most promising tea growing lands in Yunnan. No chemicals had ever applied to these fields since day one. In the past the weeds control had been a big problem, so they had to hire a few farmers to clean up the fields twice a year.

I was invited to tour these tea fields in any given day, and I promised to try their first harvest coming soon in 2010 Spring.

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