16/10: 2009 Fall Tea Trip, Part V

The fresh leaves just plucked smelled so wonderfully, you started to think the resulting maocha would be great.

Not exactly, the maocha lost its charming smell and became something ordinary after it's processed. In a big hut on the mountain slope a Bulang woman showed us her new harvest.

We sat down and had a couple of tasting sessions. The brewed tea was in light golden, the warm flavor with satisfactory layer coating on the tongue, slightly bitterness dissolved into sweetness in a few seconds.

Even it's not most amazing stuff, I decided to take some for a spin for our American Hao 0909. This was to say, we had added the Bada into our tea library.

Next two days saw us wandering in Pasha and Mengsong, where I had little luck to get anything worthwhile. Simply because I did not find the teas from these regions attractive enough to buy, we had made a few good teas from Bulang that were much better in quality and taste.

At the end of our journey we got enough raw materials to make American Hao 0906 to 0910 as follows:

0906 A blend tea from 2009 Spring Yiwu, and 2009 Fall Bulang
0907 A blend tea from 2009 Fall Nannuo and 2009 Fall Bulang
0908 2009 Pure Bulang Big Tree
0909 2009 Fall Pure Bada Big Tree
0910 2009 Spring Pure Nannuo Spring Big Tree

If you like some tasty, strong teas from 2009, we got them!

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