12/10: 2009 Fall Tea Trip, Part III

We did not exactly leaving Yiwu empty handed because of many less impressive tasting sessions. At the back of our truck, we got two big bags of maocha, which we decided to get for our American Hao 0906.

The maocha was from Spring production, with most tips and wonderful aroma, yet the bitterness and harsh notes were overwhelming, an ideal ingredient for a blend tea. It was a sitting duck last Spring because of its high price, without a price drop, it was considered as a good buy in the Fall.

We went nuts on getting Spring production since most Fall harvest this year failed to our expectation.

Heading to Menghai, the first tea mountain was Nannuo, where we used to getting a lots of goodies at Half Slope Village. Without much hesitation, we picked up a few bags of Nannuo big tree materials, both from Spring and Fall. The Spring stuff was sharp and tasting, while the Fall stuff was sweet and fulfilling. I drove a hard bargain for a bag of premium Nannuo maocha the tea farmer refused to let it go for less in the Spring. We talked and talked, and promised to return next year for more of her good stuff, she finally gave in for a dollar less pre kilo. That's that.

We rushed to the tea factory we used to make our teas before closing, and unloaded the stuff. Then we checked in a hotel at famous 'Red Light' district where many girls were chasing for their business, smiling and waving at us.

Tomorrow was a long day, we ate, drank some and went sleep.

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