08/10: 2009 Fall Tea Trip, Part I

By the second week of October, we have toured all famous tea mountains in Menghai.

The six famous new tea mountains include:

Nannuo - Old and faithful for its great quality tea that everyone loves, both Spring and Autumn productions are impressive
Bulang - King of Puerh for its strong taste, the crown is old Banzhang village in the region
Bada - Less know yet the main raw source of Menghai Tea factory, this vast area includes Xidin,Bada, and Zhanglang
Hekai - Limited production quality makes it a sought after item, the crown is Manlong village in the region
Pasha - The main raw source of Haiwan Tea Factory
Mengsong - The mountain north of Nanno, the crown is Laka village in the region.

Each named mountain is actually consisting of a group of mountains, so it should be better described as tea region.

We were not collecting anything unless we felt it's good. In the end, we only found worthwhile materials in Nannuo, Bulang, and Bada.

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