16/08: Amazed

I was completely amazed recently ...

I read a forum discussion on blending tea. Wow! I got only this to say.

Believe it or not, according to the discussion, the blending is not that complicated as many so called tea experts let us believe. It is NOT based upon sources, i.e. teas from different mountains and tea producing regions, but all based upon the grade of maocha - this is not to say you cannot make a good (blend tea) product based upon sourcing. Let me put this into an easy understand sentence: You blend a 7542 by a few different grade maochas, say 20% grade 8, 25% grade 6, 40% grade 3 and 15% grade 2 for the cake surface, you don't care where the maochas are coming from, it is irrelevant!

Shocked? I did.

For Menghai tea factory, it owns acres and acres of organic plantation tea gardens in Menghai as its backbone for its tea products, any thing collected directly from tea farmers should be partial. So we found that each 7542 tasted slightly different ( but 2009 901 was proven a failure!).

The recipe itself is super simple, but to get the same raw materials, it is hard!

I can definitely understand this, the raw materials are up most important than the recipe!

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