28/11: Memoir of Nannuo Mountain, Part I

Departing from Jinhong, the capital of Banna to the west, we headed to the heartland of Menghai.

The altitude at Jinhong was low, and you could hardly see any tea garden.

But only after 20-30 minutes drive on a pretty good highway, we were riding on some big mountains. Before we arrived in the city of Menghai, the first famous tea mountain Nannuo welcame us. Around here, you could see acres of tea fields and many tea pre-processing factories along the highway.

We decided we should stop and check them out. We found a narrow muddy pathway into the mountain and our SUV took the challenge. A few minutes after, we met with a traditional Dai 2 story hut, at the outskirt of a small village. It was the home of a tea farmer alrighty. We jumped out the car ... A dog and its master greeted us.

The first sight of house was filled with piles of maocha, since it was in Fall harvest season. The tea leaves looked decent and smelled wonderfully, nice, so we asked for a tasting session. Without much investigation, we knew these were plantation teas from nearby tea fields, even though they tasted great. No, we were not interested in these. We wanted 'Old Big Tree' tea. Oh, ya, that would be expensive, tea farmer said.

A cell phone call was made, and the arrangement was made to take us to the famous 'Half Slope Old Village'. A young man and his girl friend came to us on a motorcycle, we fired up our SUV and followed them. We were told that Nannuo mountain was just about 15 minutes away from where we were.

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