27/11: Kunming Storage

It is said that Kunming is bad for Pu-erh storage. But lately I started to hear something otherwise.

Many people, including myself, at one point of our Pu-erh tea drinking life, attempted to speed the aging. We are dreaming about our stock becoming wonderful to drink due to aging.

But, what is it you are expecting? A tea to blow you away? I don't think it ever existed.

Yes, we don't have a climate like Hongkong and Taiwan, but we could build a little chamber/box to emulate that.

I have heard many stories on these experiments and most time they failed miserably.

At one point, I even tried to convince my wife to buy a small property in Guangzhou so we could have our stock storaged there.

Now I have a brand new perspective. Let time do its own wonders. Maybe, just maybe, either Indy or Kunming storage I counted on is good enough.

The reasons:
1. I have not found a truly wonderful Pu-erh via either a speedy fermentation method, or wet storage in Guangzhou.
2. The wet storaged/fast fermented Pu-erh has this special smell and taste I never liked (if I don't like it, it's no good for me, why bother?).
3. The best Pu-erh I had was storaged in Kunming!

As a matter of the fact, I saw a few examples of this happening: tea drinkers from these so called 'the best aging' places (Hongkong, Guangzhou, and Taiwan) came to Kunming, asking for an aged Pu-erh, the one storaged in Kunming! Why, I was told that it was tasty, more aromatic, like a tea it should behave.

Most ripen teas even the good ones are tasted just about the same, so you want the best tea you got tasted the same way in XX years?

The taste like little roughness, some floral scent, a bit bitterness is Gooooooooooood.

Ya, let it be slow.

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