15/08: Dayi Saga

Dayi is the first brand in Pu-erh tea, and it used to be expensive.

At its hey days in 2007, Dayi teas were cooked up to their new high, 7542, a classic blend plantation tea cake would fetch over 200 RMB or $ 30.

I never drank 7542 that much, only took it from time to time as a benchmark to compare it against other teas. I valued it at a low scale. For the same amount money I could enjoy a pure arbor tea.

However, 7542 is a true performer. First of all its price goes up constantly, secondly it is supposed to age well, thanks to its proven recipe. Whether you like it or not, it is popular among regular tea drinkers.

Now Dayi tea pricing has been reasonably good, we got to get some. As you can see, we have loaded up a few Dayi ripen cakes.

The latest acquisition at is 2008 7532 and 0622 premium green cakes.

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