01/08: American Hao is back on the table

With my brand new passport, and a plane ticket in hand, it seems I am ready to execute the plan to make American Hao.

The most important part is that I have hooked up with a Sr. teamaker in Xishuangbanna, who had years experience in making premium Pu-erh tea cakes for private collectors.

For the batch 801 product I am asking:

Pure Premium Arbor Material havested in Spring 2008, Yes
The traditional processing methods are strictly followed, Yes
All done by hands, Yes
Pressed by a stone mold, Yes

The key issue is to make a product with the same or better quality than most well-known premium products (a few names popped up in my head).

I am sure it could be done. The maocha has been processed and selected, a sample of it would be sent for evaluation by a group of connoisseurs in Kunming.

These are my goals:
A premium cake to be envyed
A great cake for long term storage
A tasty cake for consumption and gifting

Within 3 months, these lucky ones in USA would be able to taste the tea, just in time for Christmas!

Comments made

Good luck on this project, as it sounds very promising. The American Hao #1 was quite poor compared to many other puerhshop offerings, certainly not worth $28.00 for the quality of a $10.00 cake. I look forward to trying this next batch.

Again, good luck, and perhaps you could offer samples this time?
12/08 19:03:46
Thanks for your support!
13/08 12:33:56

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