21/07: Load Up Xiaguan Teas

Since we would start to carry a number of Dayi (Menghai Tea Factory) products, it's only natural for us to get some Xiaguan teas as well.

Xiaguan teas were popular among American tea drinkers, they used to be very expensive in 2007, but the prices came down lately as the business slowed for all NEW Pu-erh teas in China.

An order has been placed to an authorized Xiaguan distributor in China to get about half a dozen Xiaguan products, ready for selling in the Fall season. Among them, we got some Tibetan Flame teas, the ripen tuocha made to export to France, and the green tuocha with a golden ribbon, a result of our market research for the new products to carry at Puerh Shop. The most products we are going to carry got some pretty good reviews in the past.

The only thing I was complaining was our weak dollar. The price is supposed to go down, but how come it appears to be the same or higher in US dollars!!!

We also took a look on other offerings by the 2nd/3rd tier manufactories, like Guoyan, Mengku, Nanqiao, Nanjian, Haiwan and etc, but found them less attractive at the moment.

After Sept. this year, Puerh Shop certainly appears to jump into the bandwagon to sell the big names.

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