14/04: 2014 Spring Tea Trip, Part II

In 2014, we acquired a new weapon to combat common pesticide issues in the tea fields.

We bought a few dozen Pesticide Detectors that tested against most common chemicals available today, and took them to all tea tasting sessions.

The test card was very sensitive, it showed a positive result even just a tiny bit chemical was mixed in a large container. An interesting note: an ancient tree tea from my friend was tested positive, and he was cried out loud, thinking our test was a joke, it turned out that his tea was contaminated in the making process by using the same devices for some low end plantation teas.

Presticide Detector

For the teas that detected negative, our tasting sessions continued ... We only made a few teas (best tasting) from these passed the test.

Negative result

We did encounter some teas tested positive, then the tasting session ended, please took the trash away!

Positive Result

You could image how tea farmers and suppliers responded: How could we make a living if everyone adopted this technique?

I said, if you guys were being more responsible to your clients and your future, please forget to use any chemical from now on, and you cannot foul me anymore.

Starting from 2014, our MGH and Zenpuer products have to be tested, it's only a sensible thing to do.

Comments made

Dear Jim,

Hats off to you, sir! What a genius trick you have up your sleeve as a tea buyer. We have here a class act.
15/04 18:36:21
Hi Jim,

An interesting approach - I've been sending teas for lab testing, but these cards would be a great first step to be able to weed out obvious problems before paying for more detailed lab testing. I was particularly interested that you said these test for Roundup, but I can't find any information about this online.

As far as I can tell, these cards test for 12 pesticides at these levels (mg/kg)
敌敌畏 0.01
对硫磷 0.4
辛硫磷 0.1
甲胺磷 1.0
马拉硫磷 2.0
乐果 3.0
氧化乐果 0.8
甲基异柳磷 4.5
灭多威 0.05
丁硫克百威 0.05
敌百虫 0.01
呋喃丹 0.05

Roundup doesn't seem to be on that list.

Have I missed something?

Thanks for your help.

19/05 20:21:00
Sorry - your blog didn't like my Chinese characters... here's the list in english

Dichlorvos 0.01
Parathion 0.4
Phoxim 0.1
Methamidophos 1.0
Malathion 2.0
Dimethoate 3.0
Omethoate 0.8
Methyl isofenphos 4.5
Methomyl 0.05
Carbosulfan 0.05
Trichlorfon 0.01
Carbofuran 0.05
19/05 20:22:53
Hi, David, Please check out this: It's good stuff!
04/06 09:43:38
Thanks Jim, did you buy this kit? From a quick glance it looks a bit more complicated to use, but if it can test accurately for Glyphosate that would be great.
09/06 01:43:29
A friend of mine passed a kit for me to try, that's where I got the idea to use this type of test kits for the teas I was going to buy. But it's kinda expensive.
11/06 10:17:06

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