26/06: Haiwan Tea Factory

First, a guessing game, which Pu-erh tea company is located in Kunming, it had a clean moderm plant that certified by multiple international organizations, and owned by renowned former Menghai Tea factory key persons?

Now the questions continued ...

Which tea company got a president who is the person successfully made the first ripe Pu-erh tea?
Which factory made most Pu-erh teas for Japan and European union, certified safe?

The answer is Haiwan Tea Factory. You would love its slogan: Tea for the people!

We sold a couple of products by this factory before. But, we considered their most products mainstream, that was, their products were made for the mass at a good price, you would find just few premiums. So we would pass up this factory most of the time when we shop for tea.

But, the products of this factory were selected for People's Hall (Chinese Congress) for these health oriented elites/high ranking officers. I find myself puzzled.

Apparently, there is an inner circle I got to know. In this circle, all teas are highly selected premiums, they are in a very limited production, and they are the goods consumed by the high society.

Good news was that I had penetrated into the circle a couple of days ago. That means, our clients would have the chance to taste some of the best teas Haiwan Tea Factory had offered, not available elsewhere!

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