19/09: 2011 Fall Tea Trip V

We just returned from beautiful Xishuangbanna.

A week long trip was both exciting and exhausting, we travelled over 2000 km from Kunming to Menglian, Menglian to Huimin ( Jingmai and Mangjing), then to Menghai (Menghun), Jinghong, Yiwu, Anlezhai(Mangzhi) before we headed home.


There are four great new MGH teas to be made this season. They are all big tree premium stuff, reflecting our effort in pursuing a new high at making Pu-erh tea.

MGH 1105 - 2011 Spring Mangfei Big Tree Green Cake
MGH 1106 - 2011 Mangzhi Fall Big Tree Green Cake
MGH 1107 - 2011 King of Kings Big Tree Green Cake
MGH 1108 - 2009 Mengku Big Tree Ripe Brick

MGH 1105 and MGH 1108 have been made in Kunming.


This aromatic cake was made by using 2011 Spring Mangfei big tree materials.


An ever easy going ripe tea brick was made by using 2009 Mengku big tree materials, sweet, smooth and satisfactory.

MGH1106 and MGH1107 should be ready within a week or so, made by our partner Yiwu Menluo Tea Factory, then it's time to go home.

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Sounds good! Looking forward to enjoyable tasting sessions :)
I hope samples will be available too.
19/09 22:46:32
Congratulations on your new MGH tea offerings. I am looking forward to samples, too. Good luck.
22/09 09:51:43
Wow, I envy you for having made that trip ;-) Sure must have been amazing. I haven't made it to this corner of the world yet. And you have brought back many nice teas that can always bring you back there :-)
12/10 22:07:41

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