03/09: 2011 Fall Tea Trip IV

Yesterday I got a chance to taste a genuine LBZ, today I had a genuine Gaoshanzhai, I was in heaven.

The LBZ tea was way out of my league, being the most expensive new tea I had ever tasted. For $ 200 /per cake, I respectfully said 'No, Thanks'.

The Gaoshanzhai tea was no cheapskate either, but I believed it would be easily appreciated by the most people in terms of aroma, and taste. Gaoshanzhai was considered as among the best of Yiwu Zhengshan, if you knew what I meant.

Genuine Gaoshanzhai tea exhibited a different perspective of Yiwu. The soup was golden, full body, thick, full of grand aroma, and enduring for multiple brews.

The hardest part was to get a genuine Gaoshanzhai tea, and this awesome tea would not betray me. I would not let this beauty to skip away so I rushed to the bank, the ATM was beeping at my quick finger! If money was no issue, I would love to take every single piece there was available, - actually I swept the shop that had the tea.

It looks like there IS a gem in the rough at Kunming Tea Market from time to time, it definitely worths my time to explore.

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Are you going to offer this Gaoshanzhai in your store? Regardless, it is probably too costly for me.

Best wishes and good luck tea shopping. I hope you find treasures.
07/09 14:24:30
We are going to have this this Gaoshanzhai available sometime late Oct. or Nov.

Thanks for the comments.
08/09 20:39:03

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