17/09: 2010 Fall Tea Trip, Part II

A GENUINE Old Banzhang Tea, American Hao 1002 is going to be made.

Everyone knows Old Banzhang represents the best Menghai has to offer, The King Of Raw Pu-erh, and Banzhang is an abused name for every Joe whom is a tea maker. To make the thing worse, every Joe claims his Banzhang is geniune, and it is made of arbor/big tree/old tree materials.

We made a Banzhang tea cake in 2009, American Hao 0905 by using big golden leaves from New Banzhang village, Menghai area.

I always wanted but I dared not to make a Banzhang tea cake from Old Banzhang Village ever since I embarked the tea making voyage. First of all, it is darn expensive, no tea has been sold for so much ever. Secondly you can be sure you almost never be able to get a genuine Banzhang tea even you bought it from a tea farmer living in Banzhang village. The third, anything could go wrong will go wrong before Banzhang tea leaves are made into a product and deliver to you, your tea can be swapped, blended with others and etc, unless you never close your eyes on the tea during the whole process.

In the last couple of years, Banzhang tea farmers started a new practice: all their harvest should be sold under the supervision of Banzhang Village Committee with a seal on the sales contract, and the seal imprinted on the wrapper of the final product. So the product is authentic and traceable.

Old Banzhang Village Seal

I liked the idea, at least I would know the Old Banzhang tea I made was a genuine Old Banzhang from a known/famous Old Banzhang tea farmer, the tea leaves had been certified as true by Old Banzhang Village Committe.

Finally in 2010 we had a product made according to the specification with a lots of money involved.

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