10/08: The Earthquake in Puerh Tea Caused by a Book

Early this year, a book named 'Pu-erh Tea Legends: A Full Decryption" was published, and it was jaw dropping shocking and caused an earthquake in Pu-erh tea business.

Let me ask you, is there a real 'Songpin' made 20-30s last century? You properly say yes because you read somewhere it was said so.

Is '88 qing cake' a legend? Or it's just a storaged NEW tea that makes a diluted, pink colored,tasteless water?

Wow, you got to read this book for an answer.


The book is said to be banned in Hongkong and Taiwan, and it was boycotted in Guangzhong because of its shocking inside stories, all told by senior tea professionals in Yunnan.

I have translated the part of the content table as follows for a review:

Puerh Legends: A Full decryption

Preface 1 by Zhang Baoshan, Preface 2 by Zou Jiaju

Introduction :Puerh tea, the stone age of French red wine in Chinese edition

Chapter I The basics of Wealthy made in Pu'er tea

"Fool's Theory" is a production line for multi-multimillionaires
Home for Huge Profits
The basics of Wealthy made in Pu'er tea

Chapter II who made the unspoken rules of the tea

Who has ruined "the older it gets, the better it tastes"
Dry storage, a huge lie
The sin in the tea's age
The error in value-increasing in aging
The mystery behind the drinkable antique
Who has defeated by an economic concept

Chapter III Break the secret on sky-rocketing price for Antique tea

The historical background of the real antique tea
The story triggered by 'mark/print' labeled tea
The story triggered by tea as luxury goods
Keyexing,its brick,cake and tuocha
The story of Tongqing and Songpin
The relationship between the inflated maocha and the old tea
The method to control the distribution of the old tea
Identification of the old tea for reference purpose
Everyone made his/her Pu'er
The method for a home made Pu-erh
Gamble against a new tea

Chapter IV Undertand the tea from the history of its making

The tight ripen tea made in Qing dynasty
The background for 'Pro sheng tea, con cooked tea'
Appendix: cooked tea worths to be stored
Analysis: storage Tea in Hong Kong
Hong Kong's "Tea warehouse" in 50's last centry
The relationship between storage and the distribution
Exploration of the storage methods by Hong Kong merchants
If a tea is not wet storaged, it's like as Wiskey is not stored in oak.
Anaysis: purchase process by Hong Kong merchants

Four more chapters follows....

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