04/08: Fermenting Thought IV

Learn to walk before you run, that is the principle I have to go by.

I have been following the traditional way to make our American Hao raw/green Pu-erh teas, since it's a safe bet for a long run.

It goes without saying that the good sun-dried maocha is a must, being it a pure or a blend, plantation or arbor, you have to spend a lots of time to get the 'right stuff'. Now we have close to a dozen American Hao made, we are somewhere close to making something good, maybe very good. But I have to say that a few flops are permitted during the process.

In making our first American Hao ripen Pu-erh, my goal is to make it above the average, in terms of quality. Once again, I believe in good Menghai raw materials, and I would do it in Menghai with its highly acclaimed 'white sand water', meaning that water is pumped from the underground cave with white sands surroundings - pure and sweet.

The story goes like this. Haiwan tea factory once set its fermentation operation in Kunming, but teas produced were criticised as bad or even fake, Mr. Zhou, the head of the factory finally realized the fact that he had to do the fermentation in Menghai with its 'white sand water' to produce something he used to do in Menghai Tea Factory. As a result, he moved his fermentation operation to Menghai.

After fermentation, tea should be spreaded to dry in a nature way, and for a few weeks before it is compressed into a cake.

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