14/10: 2009 Fall Tea Trip, Part IV

Bada was the third objective for Menghai tea this time, as we had been in Nannuo, and Bulang a few times already.

Bada tea region is a vast area that includes Xiding, Zhanglang, and Bada, northwest to Menghai.

We were going quickly to North from Menghai, then went up the mountain, at Xiding turned West. In a couple of hours, we were approaching Bada. Now I saw acres and acres of plantation tea fields along the county road with Menghai Tea Factory's marks all over them. Without any doubt, this was the place Menghai Tea Factory got most of their raw material.

After another half hour, we entered a little quiet village. When we asked a monk in red robe what's the name of the village, he answered 'Bada'.

We were surprised, since there was no tea trees at sight! We jumped off the car, and walked around the village, there was no sign of big tea trees against we had believed we would encounter a plenty of big, old tea trees.

When we moved forward through the village, we came across a guarded narrow gate by military, we were asked to present an ID and a permit to go Burma.

We begged "We merely search for teas".

"There is no tea out there, and you are not allowed to go there" was the answer. Apparently Burma was only 20-30 minutes away from this place.

So we had to turn back into the village.

We found there was a group of villagers playing card in a shop, we asked "where to find the big tea trees in Bada anyway?"

A villager told us we missed the place, we should find a Bulang village called Menglong somewhere north.

When we finally arrived at Menglong village, we were happy to meet a lots of big old tea trees.

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