26/08: A long life cycle for green Pu-erh

Pu-erh tea is said to be: the older it gets, the better it tastes.

Not really for Sheng/Raw/Green/uncooked/unfermented Pu-erh tea for quite some time.

A green Pu-erh has a life of its own, it starts out as a refreshing, aromatic tea when it is just made, say the first 3 months of its life cycle.

Gradually it becomes dull, bland and most of us would jump to the conclusion that the tea is no good! For those who compare two teas in different vintage, don't be despaired if you find your new tea tasted better than your old stock. Be patient, the tide will turn.

Hanging on for about 4-5 years when it is stored properly, some magic starts to show. At this stage it losts some of its bitterness, becomes sweet, and the brewed soup turns orange.

Another 5 years passing by, the tea would start to impress you, thick, tasty - again it has to be stored properly - let nature do its wonder. At this point, most people would regret they did not get enough when it was easy to get and inexpensive.

15 years, and 20 years ...

It takes too long for us to get to know if a tea is any good.

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