18/06: Back in town

After shipping out the load of teas to USA in Kunming, I took a plane home.

The return trip was most tiring. My stops included Seoul, Tokyo, Los Angles, Charlotte and I finally landed in Indianapolis International Airport, spending a total of 36 hours depressed.

It's a scary thought if I have to make another trip this Fall to make my teas - maybe I should hold off till next Spring.

The most of my teas are shipped via a slow ocean boat so I have to wait for at least one month and half before I could offer them to our customers. But there is limited quantity of teas packed in my luggages, arrived, safe and sound.

Take a look back, the selection of our tea shop is getting better each year, the addition of our 2009 acquisition would make it even better. One thing I noticed is that I become very picky in buying teas. Most teas selling at Kunming tea wholesale market are no longer making me excited anymore. I began to feel the gem was hard to find in the rocks. To be honest with you, I think the teas I made (aka American Hao) are above average among all teas I tasted in Kunming, and my teas are selling at a lower price! I only bought just a few teas this Spring at the market.

We had a tea tasting session before I left Kunming. A bunch of tea heads and tea elites spent one afternoon at my brother's tea house, and the object was my tea. I was pretty happy they were impressed with my teas, giving me high marks for the most products I made. A few ideas of cooperation were presented by a fellow who owned(rented) an old tea mountain in Xiangming, Northeast of Yiwu area, he thought I should be able to appreciate his premium leaves in the coming years and became his partner.

Well, let's see....

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