05/06: 2009 Tea Trip Part VII, 2009 teas and their stories

4. Nannuo Spring Arbor

It was on the fourth day of our trip, we found the raw material to make our American Hao 0902.

I did not expect much that day when searching for some good maocha at a remote Nannuo village, It's kinda hard to tell if the maocha was any good in a tea farmer's house as most of them would not have a complete set of equipments, and conduct the tea brewing in gongfu style. I looked at the maocha and smelled it, thinking it might be something good. So we bought just a small bag, and returned to Menghai.

We dropped in a large tea shop at the center of the Menghai township, and asked the owner to setup a tea tasting session with us. The owner, a middle aged women who got tons of maocha from all major tea mountains had seen us the third times, but failed to sell us a single leaf of her high priced maocha, agreed to comply.

The first few steeping of our maocha was somewhat disappointing, I could not feel it's a real Nannuo tea based upon my past experience, however it was full of flovor, something new to explore, so we carried on.

On the fourth brewing, the tea started to turn on its charm, and it's delivering a better cup after another. On the 8th steeping, I could not help, but rushed out the tea shop - we wanted more of this good stuff!

American Hao 0901

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