04/06: 2009 Tea Trip Part VI, 2009 teas and their stories

3. Zhanglang, a hide away place.

The places we had not explored were the north part of Menghai.

I was interested in Xiding, the place got some very nice teas as proven by a few tasting sessions we had. One of the main ingredients in famous 7542 tea cake came from Xiding.

It's a raining day when we arrrived at Xiding. We stopped at a road house to ask where we could get some big tree teas. 'Nope, they were all sold' was the answer. A man riding on a motorcycle overheard us, and suggested that we should follow him to Zhanglang where Spring big tree teas were still available.

Zhanglang? Never heard of it.

Zhanglang is a place that you could not find it on the map and there is no road marked on the map to the village. We liked the idea to find something new and exciting in a hide away place.

So let's go!

You could image a place far away from the civilized world in the mountains, Zhanglang was about 30 minutes drive from Xiding, a middle sized village with the population of 1000 Bulang minority, surrounded by big trees and bamboos. It was such a super quiet village.

The person who led us was actually the head of the village. He showed us around and welcame us to his home. Here we tasted Zhanglang tea for the first time.

I liked Zhanglang tea, thinking it was unique with that strong Menghai aroma and a hint of Lincang.

Zhanglang Tea

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