12/11: Appreciating American Hao

Based on my shipping records, The first shipment of American Hao #0802 is due to arrive in a couple of weeks.

At this occasion, I chopped off some leaves from my American Hao # 0801 and started a tasting session to see what's happening since it was arrived two month ago.

I placed a lots more leaves into my gaiwan this time, maybe up to 8 grams. And I deliberately oversteep it, in order to get a strong taste, a technique many tea experts used. Ah, it is that familiar mint sweet taste again, the soup seems to be clear a bit against its early days, less cloudness, so it is recovered from the steaming/wet effect when maocha was compressed into a cake. As a result of oversteeping, the tea tastes much strong, yet it is very soothing. In a way, it felt remarkably like 2006 Douji Yiwu Mountain Arbor Pu-erh Tea Cake, a great sign.

I have a high expectation for this tea. I believe it would turn into something wonderful in a few years.

But if I compare the enthusiasm I feel about our new American Hao # 0802, # 0801 is a starter. #0802 should be an immediate winner because of its quality and price.

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Very excited about 0802! Sounds quite promising!
12/11 15:42:11
Thanks for your enthusiasm, I certainly hope you won't be disappointed.
12/11 19:20:53

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