09/11: A tea they won't sell to you

In my 2008 tea trip, I encountered two cases that a vendor would not sell her/his tea.

It goes without saying a vendor would do almost anything got your business. But ...

Sounds pretty strange. What's on earth a tea merchant held back and would not sell her/his tea?

Case I. I used to have a 'Western Hill Golden Melon Tuocha', and I loved it. But we had it sold in a short period. I returned to the vendor and asked for the same. But she told me she did not want to sell it as she got last 6 left. 'I want it', I demanded. 'Oh, no, these are what we want to keep for ourself'.

Case II. I tasted a great Mengku tea even I thought I was not going to buy another Mengku for a while. But this Mengku brick striked me as a hidden gem I could not let it skip. 'Yap, you can buy it, but you have to buy the whole gift box'. The vendor insisted. 'Are you asking me to pay this useless packing at double the price? No way'. 'Sorry, then there is no deal' he answered with a smile.

Is there a tea they won't sell to you? I don't think so.

In the end, I got both I asked for, but at a higher price.

This is a free market, supply and demand. The market dictates the price. You could get almost anything as long as you are willing to spend enough!

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