09/09: First American Hao

I bet our name on American Hao, it has to be good.

To be honest with you, I am not all that confident with the product before I can touch it, feel it and taste it myself.

At the other end of the world the cake was made, totally out of my sight and out of my control ...

The only methods I monitored and controlled the process besides paying big bucks were:
1. Tasted many sample maochas by a group of tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs in Kunming, and then picked the winner (actually the most expensive one got picked. Oh, my god, who says I am rich?)
2. Re-tasted the cake by the same group to ensure it was the same and up to the standard

Yesterday, I had the second chance to brew the tea. This time I was convinced and much more confident it was a product worthing to keep.

Two points to be made:
1. American Hao is supposed to be made of 100% single estate, pure Spring arbor material, inside out, no blend. I insist!
2. Two cakes had the same material, the small one has a lower unit price, but the 400g one was actually more cost effective

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