13/08: American Hao is sailing, Finally!

An order has been placed to make our first real American Hao, the batch # 801.

The cake is going to be made in Yiwu by a professional workshop. The name of the cake is called 'Mansa Yuan Ye Xiang', here Yuan Ye Xiang means Prairie Bouquet in English. It is interesting to note that some spelled 'Mansa' as 'Meng Sa', which I do think it's a mistake, since there is a place called 'Meng Sa' in Yunnan.

Pure Mansa Spring arbor (big tree) material, sun-dried, stone mold, all processes are done by hand. A simple packing is adopted to reduce the cost. The raw material is harvested from the area I blogged over 6 month ago:

I would like to remind you that XZH took the same approach in making their earlier products, as a matter of the fact, their second cake was called 'Mansa Wild Big Tree'.

Now I am truly excited!

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